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Electric Blue: Your Marijuana-Friendly Electrician

Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in Colorado (21+), including the Denver Metro Area and surrounding cities. Because of this, the need for electrical services in the Denver Metro Area has skyrocketed. At Electric Blue, we observed the market need for craftsman electrical services in the marijuana industry. That’s why Electric Blue now also offers marijuana-friendly electrical contracting in addition to our previous electrical service offerings. There is much to consider when choosing a marijuana-friendly electrician for your grow operation, big or small. Whether a first time home-grower concerned for the safe cultivation of marijuana, or a commercial horticulturist looking to expand to a larger space, Electric Blue will help you achieve your ‘growing’ goal.

Since legalization, Colorado has paved the way for effective and innovate governance and use of recreational marijuana. Electric Blue’s technicians have a combined 45 years of experience serving the Denver Metro Area’s commercial and residential electrical needs, specifically. As a local Colorado company, Electric Blue follows in the footsteps of its valued Colorado customers. The way we see it, if our Denver Metro Area customers are ‘marijuana-friendly,’ then Electric Blue should be a marijuana-friendly electrician service to best serve our valued customers.

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“Integrity and Craftsmanship Above All”

At the end of the day, Electric Blue is thankful for your continued business in the Denver Metro area. We are honored to work in your home or commercial space, and to show our gratitude, Electric Blue extends our commitment to “Integrity and Craftsmanship Above All” to our marijuana-friendly electrical services, as well.

Scott Gohr

Electric Blue Inc.